About Us

We are a bunch of storytellers who start our pitch presentations with the catch phrase, “Once upon a time…”. While discussing nuances of stories, characters, subtext, plot and context in various content formats like webseries (OTT), movies, books, graphic novels, we are always reading the pulse of market and insights through market research, analysis and social listening. Because we are not advertisers, we are content creators (and consumers). Words like Culture, Stories, Content Marketing, Brands, Storytelling etc mean much more than just keywords to us.

What do we mean by content creation?

Content creation for us, is a process to tell a seamless story for your brand. We see content through the lenses of Context, Consumer Truth, Brand Strategy and Media. The audience and their engagement is our holy grail. We ensure that every time your brand communication takes the shape of a blog, video, infographic or an audio, only because it is the best fit for that story.

Why do we need content?

Content is non- intrusive in nature. When your audience doesn’t skip your ad and gets immersed in your story, you are home. But like every good thing, it takes time.

Our Team


Shreya is a real fireball when it comes to igniting passionate discussions. With an MBA in media and communications, she landed at the epicentre of content business at Star, the leading media brand. After managing TV shows, she worked with Unilever, beautifying the world around her. She co-founded Culture Opus, a content boutique where story-telling is the soul and spine behind every brand campaign, strategy and outcome. With over a decade of experience, Shreya feels that it’s about time that brands take a back seat, listen to their consumers and shape their brand offerings and communication accordingly. Now she lives her dream of creating brand stories by the day and reading books by the night, building the castle of stories, brick by brick.

Shreya Parashar
Co- Founder & Content Architect, Toronto
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If Sachin had a pseudonym, he would be called a spinner of yarns. When he left Engineering, his right brain ignited, taking complete charge as he forayed into the world of reading and telling stories. With his MBA specialization in media and communication and more than 11 years of experience with media and consumer research, Sachin has mastered the art of telling stories. Sachin firmly believes that for brands to hold a better grip on the audience, stories need to become assets of brands, rather than just being a stepping-stone or a tick mark on the checklist. Today, Sachin runs Culture Opus with the same passion that he started with on day zero, and moonlights as a comedian and improv enthusiast.

Sachin Sharma
Co-Founder & Strategy Head, Toronto
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Anu is a live-wire and interacting with people comes naturally to her. A graduate in Media Communication from the University of Delhi and an MBA in Marketing, she is a full-time Fabulist now. Her experience ranges from handling multiple cross-functional marketing projects at Unilever to commanding an in-depth expertise as a marketer in financial services, media and retail. With over a decade of experience in marketing, Anu can identify the demand-supply gap in quality content for organizations, like the back of her hand. She is quite fond of wielding the mic and Anu says, “Women must be in charge of their money and not relegate money matters to others.”

Anu Singh
Business Head, Mumbai, India
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A creative person at heart with an engineering degree and almost 10 years of experience in the automotive sector in the UK, Japan and India, Richa has been on a journey of constant exploration and learning. With an MBA in marketing from the Liverpool University, Richa now loves to reinforce the businesses and helps amplify their voices via social media. Richa enjoys the finer things in life; good conversation, cuisines and coffee are the best way to connect with her. Need any head start with your content and social media? You know where to come!

Richa Parashar
Business Head, Liverpool, UK
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